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Denver Medical Weight Loss. Carrying too much weight impacts the diseases you are more likely to be diagnosed with, and ultimately, how long you are likely to live. I am very happy with the products and the support from the people at med-fit. Capitol Hill,Civic Center,Golden Triangle 1. Being overweight is about so much more than how you look.

I am new to this practice and so far so good. My first was a little long but not anything to complain about. I medical weight loss denver speer get shots on first visit, however on my second visit i received my shot. Was very nervous and the nurse was nice amd reassuring. The shot was painless and very professional All the girls on then office have been very nice Was expecting the worst since it was a groupon.

Working in Healtcare for 20 yrs, I am surprised at my experience. Surprised by all the negative reviews here. It's a weight loss clinic that relies on a constant stream of Groupon users. What did you expect? I've had a good experience here, but I also did my research. You have to know what you're medical weight loss denver speer into. That being said, it's working well for me. That doesn't mean it's for everyone. It's still a drug, medical weight loss denver speer a strong one at that.

So everyone will react differently. The place isn't spotlessly clean, the magazines are dirty and wrinkled, most of the staff are CNAs or admins, there are no doctors. I do have one major complaint, and that's when I went for a refill and tried to tell the girl about a side effect I was experiencing and ask if it's normal, but she just said "I don't know", had me sign in, and sent me on my way with no further questions. So that's a little frustrating.

But I will continue to support this place because it's works for me. I was hopeful this would help me shed some of the stubborn baby weight I was holding on to but if you choose to try this, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST!! While filling out the paperwork, no medical weight loss denver speer does it ask you to list current meds you're on. During the very brief and curt visit with the NP, Monica, I told her I took anti-anxiety medication and was wondering if it was ok to still take.

She asked what I took and I told her the two I took. She said yes it was fine and should be medical weight loss denver speer because I would most likely feel anxious on this I have taken for 7 days and have been jittery, anxious, forgetful, short tempered and unable to go to the gym to exercise since she said specifically not to as it could make me too jittery. I decided to do additional research on Phentermine and found out that there were MAJOR contraindications on two of the daily meds I take!!!

One of which I TOLD her I took and she said it was fine! This potentially could have been very severely dangerous to me!! I called today and again a very curt Monica took my call. When I explained while I was calling, her response was, "I thought you had a short question. I need to call you back". Absolutely no concern about the potential danger she has put me in. I will most likely be filing a more official complaint against this organization. But high fiber diet fat loss you do choose to go there, please do some research as your welfare is clearly not their concern.

So I purchased a Groupon and called on a Friday to see if I had to make an appointment. The lady informed me I can do a walk-in. Took off time for work on a Monday and they only do walk ins for the shots. I made an appointment for the next day. Took off time Medical weight loss denver speer And they rescheduled because the nurse was sick and they don't have a back up nurse. They rescheduled me for Thursday at The nurse is late to work and I'm still waiting.

I have now used 5 hours of vacation. Location not worth it. However the young lady with the glasses who gave me my shot had been professional and kind! She is the reason I'm giving them a star. Best weight loss clinic in Denver. I've been to two others and the staff is the best. Prices are very reasonable and I noticed results in the first couple days. My appointment was at I left by ! It was my first appointment. They got me in and out quick.

Jocelyn, the MA, was a good wealth of information and made me feel very comfortable. I received my shot from her. We had medical weight loss denver speer take my blood pressure twice. It was to high the first time. Has to be under on top to receive the pills. After the second reading I was down to It was nice to know they don't just give you the pills. The front office staff was quick, efficient and friendly. They accepted my groupon with no medical weight loss denver speer.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss: Helping you live your happiest and healthiest life!

Denver Medical Weight Loss. If you feel like the battle of the bulge is being won by the enemy, if you are sick of fighting a campaign that seems unwinnable, you have. The team at Medical Weight Loss Centers of America is ready to help you with weight loss, hormone Current Weight * Ideal Medical Weight Loss Centers. E Speer Blvd. Denver CO Mon-Fri 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sat 8am-4pm, Sun 11am-6pm. Medical Based Weight Loss Programs. Click Here And Book Appointment.

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