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Or sign up now for your FREE account. Testers' take: The fresh moves were a great way to mix up a standard routine. Along with his wife, Sharon Catherine Blanks, Billy Jr. Fully loaded challenge 55 mins. The third, Total Body Blitz, provides a. What Are Those Bumps on My Arms?

Peta Bee for MailOnline. Suffering the post-Christmas bulge already? Consider one of the latest celebrity workout DVDs. This year the overriding theme is dvdss intensity training HIT — or short, sharp interval sessions lasting around ten minutes. Two years ago Canadian researchers found that wogkout who did four to six second sprints with a three to four-minute recovery three days a week lost more than twice workou much body fat as those who ran for an hour at a steady pace three lkss a week.

Other studies have shown similar regular HIT sessions get you aerobically fitter quicker than slogging away at slow exercise. Berkshire, and the elite fitness lkss at David Lloyd High Wycombe to. Toned: Geordie Shaw's Vicky Pattison, TV presenter Davina McCall and TOWIE's Amy Childs have all released workout DVDs - but which will get the best results? VERDICT: This is for intermediate level yogis. While Roxy mentions modifications for beginners, few are fully demonstrated.

Many people think yoga is good for them so may launch into this thinking it perfectly safe. Watch the DVD before attempting the workouts to get an idea of the moves as some workouh complex. The ten to minute sessions include four different exercises, such as dumbbell work. The idea is to complete between 10 and 40 repetitions of each exercise consecutively, with a second break within each session. Poor technique: TOWIE's Amy Childs' DVD is pitched at beginners, but lacks instruction VERDICT: This is pitched at beginner to intermediate level exercisers and you only need dumbbells and a mat.

The basic concept best fat loss workout dvds good, but it bfst concise instruction. Beginners are likely to follow suit. Advice on good technique seems to take a back seat and there is little encouragement offered. VERDICT: The instructions are clear and there are well-demonstrated options for advanced or easier versions. Start with sessions as stand-alone workouts, as fitness improves do three or four in one day, on non-consecutive days.

Former Big Brother winner, Josie Gibson, lost six stones in around six. The first three develop. The advice is to do. Transformed: Big Brother workput Josie Gibson has slimmed down to a size 10 after yo-yo dieting VERDICT: The emphasis throughout, particularly in the final fitness test, is how many exercises you can perform in a set time.

This is a great idea if you are experienced, but if not it is better to slow down and improve your technique. There are six ten-minute workouts that get progressively harder, presented by Vicky and trainer Robbie Thompson. Then you do two to four workouts every day. Progression is important in fitness as you can get injured or lose motivation by doing too much, too soon. Vicky demonstrates the hard version of each move and Robbie does the less demanding.

But overall it is a. BEST FOR: Beginners looking workoyt quick results. Ex-international athlete, Caroline Pearce, also known as former. The second, Total Body Sculpt, features. The third, Total Body Blitz, provides a. VERDICT: These DVDs are aimed at lloss exercisers. Caroline mentions easier versions of moves, but they are never shown. Many best fat loss workout dvds involve rotation which may cause muscles and ligaments being pulled or strained if done incorrectly.

If you are fairly fit, there is plenty of variety and doing a mix of sessions three to five times a week would improve fitness. BEST FOR: Those who are already fairly fit and who get bored quickly. It recommends doing five of the minute workouts a week with two rest days. Includes a workout calendar, day workoht journal and nutritional guide.

VERDICT: This DVD is a shambles — there are shaky best fat loss workout dvds angles, trainers rambling fta when not knowing what to say, and some of the background trainers are out of sync, or do the exercises differently from the presenters and completely incorrectly. There is vvds explanation of technique before exercises, they jump straight in and just tell you to follow.

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Dec 23,  · A key component in fat -blasting workout DVDs is The Best Fat-Burning Workout DVDs. What Kind of Exercise Works Best for Women to Lose. 21 of the Best Workout DVDs for Getting in Shape. The latest fitness DVD from celebrity fitness instructor Tracy Anderson More From Diet + Weight Loss: More. Revealed: The celebrity workout DVDs that really the success of her best -selling fitness DVD with boost fat loss in three, minute workouts.

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