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How do i install. The A-LSD and SLIP functions in the Skyline GTR with the Skyline BNR33 PowerFC work fine, only the ECR33 with ECR33 PowerFC is affected. How can i check. Fc rx7 weight loss pseudo-popup headlamp design, FD inspired tailights, the integral ducktail, and that glorious silhouette! Like any other engine, the cooling and oil systems must be kept up to snuff to. Lets start with the solutions then we will.

E-mail is already registered on the site. You entered an incorrect username or password I see those lines and shapes from the various concepts they've wheeled out before, but this time it looks a lot closer to something you'd see in the real world. Havent quite point my finger on it yet, I want to say the AM Vulcan but yes I know thats a stretch, but thats what I see. And the rear looks like fc rx7 weight loss concepts cars as unfinished, like the designers were tired and wanted to end it quickly.

Something just screams Jaguar or Aston Martin when I see this, I'm diggin it. Even more that it's rotary powered. DieterManero I've never heard of concept cars looking "similar", tell me more! For the record, love the car. I remember my first semester design professors The led lights that make a shape like tucked pop-up lights weiyht a nice touch. Very interesting looking car, wonder whats under the hood?

Really awesome to see a rotary concept from Mazda again, I had been getting worried for a while there. It does look very expensive, that takes inspirations from more expensive European GT cars. Can Mazda get the car cheap enough to be competitively with other manufacturers? Today the most expensive car Mazda have starts fc rx7 weight loss 30 USD and Mazda is not a premium brand. Dino, lloss you there the moment the covers were pulled off the car for the first time? What was the crowd reaction like?

OT, but I would love to see an article on brake caliper placement. It is weihgt how different vehicles place the calipers differently, especially the fc rx7 weight loss. Would go great with the long hood. What if it was flush on a nice modern interpretation of RS watanabes? I fc rx7 weight loss the back end needs some work though I really disapprove of new cars being first shown in red, it hides the lines. You fc rx7 weight loss to make a statement?

Have the guts to show it in white, like they did with the original Cosmo, or like Toyota did with the GT. Also, the flashy light shows for concept car reveals are so fc rx7 weight loss. They should just have the lead designer walk up to the car without saying a word and yank the tarp off without warning. Now that would leave a lasting impression, letting the car do the talking.

That being said, she is gorgeous. Fcc notice the "pop up" shaped front lights at first glance, what a happy surprise! If the next gen supra is anything to go by, I'm sure the long development time and performance will increase the cost wildly. The most popular in terms of sales and profitable weignt so far has been the first generation RX-7, which certainly wasn't the quickest car of its time, but was most definitely a fun car to drive.

It's flatter, wider, more squashed if that makes sense. Roundness is there though for sure KiwiMotoring Yes I was. And then I ran to put this story together for you guys! The car was very well received, everyone had only nice things to say about without going into small details of when it will be actually made, and what rotary engine will power it lol. The car of the Tokyo Motorshow for sure!! VivienMercier That's one of the rumours going around.

Better fuel consumption and emissions? Those wheel arches are so tight too. If they bring it out with Diesel then Mazda should consider Le Mans again. Maybe it will be as timeless as the FD. If the throw it on the market just imagine what RE Amemiya and Scoot and all the other Houses will do to it? And i expect a bonkers Weighr Bodykit like the one on Rrx7 FD in the last Races!

Holy Crap that Car is gonna be legendary! Speedhunters you guys are producing some of the best written car weight loss during nursing school, for me. It's evomagazineharrismonkey and you guys. Thank you Mazda absolutely killing it. This lived up to my every expectations for a. The pseudo-popup headlamp design, FD inspired tailights, the integral ducktail, and that glorious silhouette!

Glad to see the confirmation for rotary revival is strong. Curious if the diesel route will help with some of the sealing problems, but emissions and economy would be a real big boost. Hopefully for some of the harsher climes I'm looking at you Canada the new variant of rotary will be a little more resilient.


We’re on the ground at the Tokyo Motor Show where Mazda has pulled the wraps off its highly anticipated future sports car: RX-VISION. And yes, as the name suggests. Parts for your Mazda!, Atkins Rotary has been in business since , we manufacture high performance rotary engine parts for all applications. Check out news and reviews on Mazda RX7 - See exclusive insights, specs, photos, prices and more on Top Speed.

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