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Meet the ReeRomp, Reebok's 'bro romper'. This video will show you EXACTLY how to teach your first night of class. Chris Sherlock 0 Comments. Disclosure: In full transparency, please note that some of the link below are to products that I have bought and tested fat loss classroom. Home Workout Revolution Review —… 16 Comments. Therefore, they will likely los play on the simplest, cheapest brands of DVD players.

You get actual classroom footage of Kevin Hogan teaching clssroom weight loss class! I live in a small rural community and promoted the class myself with flyers, ads and phone calls. I am so happy with the results. Obviously well worth the price. I recommend this program to fat loss classroom of your customers who want to make money as a hypnotist and feel good about the quality of information you share. I can only imagine how many people I will get to help when I contact continuing education programs and really get this program up and running.

You are such a good source of valuable information. The Hypnosis for Weight Loss Classroom program is specifically designed for the currently certified hypnotherapist who is ready to move their business to the next level: classroom training. This classrook is not suitable for someone who has not already been certified in fat loss classroom. Bonus DVD: Live Classroom Footage Kevin Hogan "live" in the classroom on the first evening of a 3-class series on weight loss.

This video will show you EXACTLY how to teach your first night of class. Learn what material to cover and how to present the information effectively. Note from Kevin: "There is one thing that is annoying about faat program. It's all here but some of the video turned out to be less than crisp. Aside from that this is a superb program. Shows you what to say, how to communicate your information and the hypnotic foundation of your work. Overview: Kevin Hogan discusses and summarizes Ego State Therapy.

The Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Classroom Program is introduced. Additional distinctions are made about: Part 2: Weight Loss Program and Time Track Therapy Overview: Kevin Hogan and Chris McAtee teach before 50 adult weight loss students in a public school as you see the results of their work discussed with students one by one. Add up the pounds of the people in class as they tell you how much weight they lost using Hogan's incredible self hypnosis program.

Finally, Classromo describes Time Track Therapy in a rapid but thorough fashion. Plus, 4 Self-Hypnosis Audio CDs, Class Handouts, and actual course description write-ups - everything you need to start NOW! A note about DVD compatibility. These DVDs are duplicated with professional high quality DVDs and processing.

Therefore, they will likely not play on the simplest, cheapest brands of DVD players. When you purchase this set, please note that these DVDs will play on higher quality players clasaroom will most certainly play in your computer DVD player. Use the "Add fat loss classroom Shopping Cart" Button Above. Add to a new shopping list. Email this page to a friend. Hypnosis for Weight Loss:. The Complete Classroom Video Program. The Instructor's Guide to Leading a Weight Loss Class.

Now a 3 DVD set, Fat loss classroom BONUS DVD! Mind Body Certification: Home Study Program. Login to rate or review this product. You will be prompted to enter your password on the next page. Kevin Hogan Books Affiliate Signup Affiliate Login Return Policy Shipping Policy Wholesale Book Orders.

Fat-Burning Cardio Sculpt Workout

Jump Rope for Weight Loss: Skipping Your ‘Weigh’ to Fat Loss. Skipping for Weight Loss The jump rope lays listless and lifeless, nailed to the wall, while your. Which of the following is the most likely explanation After an initial rapid weight loss, In order to encourage achievement motivation in the classroom. Title: 10 Tips to get Motivated To Lose Fat, Author: Fat Loss Classroom, Name: 10_tips_to_get_motivated_to_lose_fat, Length: 2 pages, Published.

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