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The Atom processor and the 1GB of ram are. Posted 15 November - Slimmed down windows xp. Microsoft has not yet decided when it will ship Eiger. Then you make yourself a nice TV dinner. That said, I don't see Microsoft concerning itself with a version of XP produced by this package - they have no reason to.

Jump to content You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to slimmed down windows xp full functionality. Posted 14 November - PM. We are not authorized to be doen for MS and their products, nor do we desire to be such. I suspect that Google provides a lot more information Using The REPORT Button BC Forum Slimmed down windows xp Malware Removal Logs Forum Am I Infected Forum Before You Post About A Problem.

Local time: AM. Posted 14 November - PM From personal experience, Microsoft doesn't care where the installation programs come from. The can come from an official Microsoft package, or from a Microsoft. The product key is about the only thing they care about. It must match the version you install. That said, I slimmee think they will care what you do to the installation files.

What I would suggest, is to install XP straight, then remove programs and options you don't want. I personally don't know how one would choose what to remove. As long as slimmed down windows xp don't try to sell the result, and only use it yourself, on your own machines, no one will squawk. And no, THIS IS NOT PIRACY! When built, and burned to a CD, the program starts the minimized Windows, and presents you with a slimmed down windows xp of tools to sslimmed troubleshooting systems, kinda xlimmed the Linux rescue disks only XP based.

You windoas try to build one without the tools. There's lots of instructions on how to modify the build. Posted 15 November - AM Microsoft applications are closed source, you cannot pick and choose or add to installation excepting what slimmed down windows xp in the installer You can do what ever the hell you want with XP as long as you don't get caught before 8th of April, or disassemble it for code. As long as you don't invite the MS licensing officer over to check your version of XP you will be fine Member of the Bleeping Computer A.

Posted 15 November - AM. Posted 15 November - AM davnel, it's exactly what nlite does as well He asked if there was any MS authorized and legal applications for it And yes, all versions of windows are contained in all installation disks, and the keys work. Posted 15 November - PM. Posted 15 November - PM Did a google search on "Windows XP Packer". This appears to be the answer to UBCD for Windows. It will allow the builder to produce an installable iso of whatever configuration you like, with or without drivers, and with or without auxiliary programs.

In short, it allows you to configure XP in any fashion you like then create an iso that can produce a bootable installation disk. Again, this comes down to using the result for your own installations only. You can't sell it slimmed down windows xp installations of it. I haven't looked into the licensing issues yet, but Slimmed down windows xp imagine they will be covered in detail.

Posted 15 November - PM Not to my knowledge. There is no "authorized and legal" package As davnel said slimmed down windows xp directly contravenes their EULA. Posted 15 November - PM I will try to answer your questions as I can. Please understand that I have just learned of this program today, and have not studied it. I have no way of knowing if Microsoft has blessed this package or not. You can probably find out by perusing the wiindows forums and help sites you might find via Google, as I windods.

As long as you start from a licensed, valid copy of XP, and restrict its use to your personal machines, you should be fine. Again, Microsoft doesn't care what you do to your own copy of the OS, as long as you don't try to sell it, or yell at them for technical support after you screw it up. That said, I don't see Microsoft concerning itself with a version of XP produced by this package - they have no reason to.

I will also say that, if you are looking for a push-button, no effort, automatic solution to this problem, you likely will not find it. These two programs are about as good as you're gonna get.

Easy Installation of nLite and .Net Framework - Slim/Trim Windows XP Lite

Aug 07,  · Slimming Down Windows XP: The Complete Guide PART 2. Disabled Services. 25 Services remain showing in my Services window: 14 Automatic: Acronis. Search for Windowsxp. Find Results at Page 1 of 2 - Create slim down Windows XP Pro SP3 to install on small tower desktop computer. - posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: Hi everyone.

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