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I have more energy, lost a size dwn I feel great! Valid only at listed locations. Lie on your back on a mat with your legs and arms straight. We think this is the most amazing idea that biot been created for woman to just be able to focus on yourself, we are thinking of our own vacation after my baby is born!!! Instructors, workouts, owner, everything!! If you fail the test three times, we slim down boot camp refund the full price of the training.

The Best Minute Boot Camp Workout. View as one page. Burn fat and build muscle with this equipment-free cardio-and-strength circuit from Ken Weichert, master fitness trainer for the U. Army and creator of an exclusive boot camp class for Crunch Fitness clubs nationwide. With short-but-intense cardio intervals, full-body strength moves, and an extra dose of ab work, you'll slim down your slim down boot camp body and tighten your tummy.

Do this minute circuit three times in a row for the best minute workout of your life. Stand with your legs slightly bent, your arms bent, and your hands out to your sides. Begin jumping, dowj only a few inches between your feet and the floor as slim down boot camp hop. At the same time, rotate your shoulders and arms as if you are jumping rope without the rope.

Continue for 1 minute soim slim down boot camp seconds, then move directly to Squats. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides. Keeping your back straight, squat down by bending both your knees and dropping your hips as if you are sitting on a chair; keep your weight directly over your heels. Bend your legs to about 90 degrees, then slowly return to starting position. Repeat for 2 minutes; move directly to Lunges. Stand with your feet together and bolt hands on your hips.

Step forward about 3 feet with your left foot, keeping your left knee slightly bent. Balancing on the ball of your right foot and with your shoulders lined up over your hips, bend both knees to lower your body until both your legs are at about degree angles. Return to starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds with your left leg, then do 30 seconds with your right leg, then move directly to Vertical Leg Crunches.

Lie on your back on a mat with your legs and arms straight. Keep your legs together, and lift your heels toward the ceiling until your feet are directly above your hips. Raise your arms and point your fingers toward your toes. Tighten your ab muscles, and lift your upper body until your fingers come close to slim down boot camp your toes; lower your upper body to complete 1 rep. Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, then move directly to the Box-and-Reach Drill.

Begin in Vertical Slim down boot camp Crunches starting position. Tighten abs, and reach over outside of right thigh with both arms. Return to center, then reach over outside of left thigh with both arms; repeat entire move, doing as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Go directly to Flutter Kicks. Begin in Box-and-Reach Drill starting position; lower legs until they're about 1 foot above the mat and lower arms until they're flat on the mat with palms facing down. Keep back flat vamp the mat and support sides of your body with arms as you move both legs simultaneously up and down in opposite directions when one is up, the other is down ; continue for 1 minute.

Go directly to Modified Lower-Back Bends. Lie on your stomach with legs straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and the tops of your feet touching the mat. Your arms should be bent at the elbows, hands slightly higher than your shoulders, and palms on the mat. Flex doqn butt and lower back, and slowly raise your legs and arms about 6 inches off the mat; return to starting position and repeat. Continue doing the move for 30 seconds, then move directly to Push-Ups. Get in traditional push-up position, with your feet a few inches apart, your cammp straight, and your hands near your shoulders it's OK campp start on your slim down boot camp until you get stronger.

Your body should form a straight line from your head to your heels. Keep your abs slim down boot camp and drop your body straight down by bending both arms. Return to starting position and repeat as many times as you can in 30 seconds; move directly to Dive Bomber Push-Ups. Lower your body to the floor slowly by bending your arms and slightly dragging your chest across the mat. Press your body upward until your arms are straight and your lower back is arched backward.

Reverse the move to return to butt-in-the-air position.

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$49 for Day Summer Slim-Down Boot Camp at Boot Camp 30 ($ Value). In 3 days, we start Cyclone outdoor bootcamp! This is not your typical bootcamp. It is a 6-week slim down bootcamp. Are you ready for a smaller waist line and tone legs?. Shop hundreds of favorite brands. Free Returns on Eligible Items.

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