Will i lose weight taking adderall xr

Well, my concentration improved immensely. I know that alot of people say they lose weight on Adderall. Will i lose weight taking adderall xr Wiol on Adderall, it's very easy for me to rationalize my reasons for taking it. I do know my sense of taling is a bit stronger. Both adults and children can have these effects while using this drug. Since starting back at school second semester, I have been more attentive to me weight and diet, but I've slowly been losing weight again over the past three weeks. A possible side effect of Adderall use in young people who take the medication to treat ADHD is slowed growth and poor weight gain.

To answer your question, no, I have not, nor do I ewight of anyone who has gained weight because of adderall. On the contrary, and I'm sure you may have read this, adderall usually decreases your appetite and like you've already experienced give you that extra "pep" in your step. When I first started taking the adderall, I literally lost 60lbs or more in less than 6 months. Now that I've become used to it after about 3 years now I find that it doesn't affect my appetite as much so I tend to eat how i used to and have gained most of that 60lbs back however, not because of the adderall.

Its possible in your case that the adderall has caused an OCD-like behavior because of the hyperness which I have read happens to many people, and makes you want to compulsively eat. For me pulling loose clothing threads and dismantling t-shirts became routine. Hope some or all of this helps. Ive been on adderall for about 8 months now. Then about a month takng I switched to the 10 mg xr and Ive gained 11 lbs!!! I also don't understand the weight gain, but I've also noticed that I cant even tell I'm taking the medication.

It doesnt help with concentration anymore and am actually tired after a few hours of taking it. Im thinking I need a higher dose. I have been on mg of the XR for a little over a year and have gained about weigth lbs. Like most of you, I initially lost weight in the beginning though. It is possible to gain weight if you are a woman with ADHD and taking Adderall and Wellburtin, regardless of the dosage, for the same reason diet pills don't work I.

There are studies out there on APA and NIHM websites that have found hormonal differences between teenagers and women with ADHD obviously are different. A good place to get some information is on APA. Org website if you search for studies on women with ADHD. I take 60mgs a day of Adderall and have gained 10lbs since April. I've been taking the generic XR 15 mg willl over a yr and have gained about 15 lbs. I notice it makes me feel swollen all over my torso an hr or so after taking it.

At this point I would just like to STOP gaining weight. It's so discouraging and it doesn't work for me anywhere near as well as the brand olse. Since this post I have switched to Vyvance it is a protein based stimulant that metabolizes longer, I am no longer gaining weight, I have lost weight, have greater focus, I am less anxious, and have less episodes of insomnia, in general I feel almost normal if that makes sense.

If your insurance company covers Vyvance talk to your doctor about it. I'm also taking Adderall XR 20mg once a day. Today is only my 3rd day of taking it. I'm keeping a journal on my phone to record how I'm feeling on it daily, any changes of it's effects, weight, etc. That way after a week of taking it then speaking with my doctor, I'll know how to explain things. Anyway, Will i lose weight taking adderall xr feel hungry on it but I don't want to eat.

I've noticed it's easier for me to eat dinner but if I try to eat in the mornings or mid day, I can only get a few bites down and it's almost will i lose weight taking adderall xr to swallow, qill I have to concentrate on making myself swallow. I'm trying to figure out if there are easy things to eat that aren't too heavy on my stomach and will help me maintain my current weight before I start losing weight?

I have aadderall on Adderall for a few years. I take it religiously and exactly how prescribed. I have gained 40lbs! After a while, it doesn't do a thing for appetite suppression. Not on me anyway My daughter will i lose weight taking adderall xr gained 30lbs in 6 months while on Adderall XR. We are scheduled to see her physician today hopefully I will have some answers as to why. Oh I just saw the date!

I wish that I had seen earlier I mentioned to my pcp and he told me how common it is in adults. I'm off as of 2 days ago!! I have been in Adderall XL for over a year. It makes me extremely hungry. The doctor put me on Contravene to take along diet pills on keto the adderall. Now they upped my dosage to 40 MG a day and the weight has afderall back up again. I just don't know what to do.

I'm over lbs now and I'm a short woman.

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