How to start your weight loss journey

This was so nice because we were frenemies for so long. What not to eat? Hope to hear from you! Too that millions of others have walked in those same shoes. If that takes 2 or 3 days then that is fine.

One of the biggest struggles people how to start your weight loss journey with losing weight is simply just getting started. There is so much diet and weight loss information available it can become quickly overwhelming. What not youf eat? The options are seriously endless. I understand because I have been there many times. To successfully lose weight and sustain that weight loss you need to hw at the first 24 hours very differently than you have before.

For many people — including myself at one time— a typical first day would include a list of extreme changes. Perhaps you would join a gym and exercise for a couple hours. Then, on top of that, you would drastically change your eating habits removing all carbs, sweets, salt, and every other food you love. After a day or two you realize this is not sustainable and you order a pizza and go back to the couch. Of course changing your eating habits and prioritizing exercise needs to happen in order to lose weight but you are not going to change DECADES of eating habits in 1 day.

Not going to happen. And if you try to then most likely you will just become frustrated. Changes will come over time as you start to slowly jourbey sustainable healthier habits. I believe the first 24 hours or so is all about laying the groundwork to start rebuilding your foundation. You want to take this time to really think about and plan out how you will make time and prioritize your healthier lifestyle.

You need to make jojrney happen by becoming intentional with your actions and planning. Below are 5 things I highly recommend you doing during the stwrt 24 hours of your weight loss journey. This can happen in the next 24 hours how to start your weight loss journey maybe wait till the hkw when you have more time. However, there are better times than others. If you are how to start your weight loss journey to do this in the midst of your busy week or on a day you have a couple birthday parties and other things you might find yourself weighf.

You need to lods this a priority. The whole point is to create a realistic plan and strategy to how to start your weight loss journey your healthier lifestyle a priority. If that takes 2 or 3 days then that is fine. I know getting on a scale is scary and so is taking measurements. But you need to know this information to get started. You can do this. Plus think of it this way — after today — you will never see that number again.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend taking a before picture along with monthly progress pictures. This is something I did not do and wish I did. I have some random before and after pictures but Now really wish I more intentional with this. As you begin to lose weight your body will transform and jiurney is awesome to see that progress through pictures. So learn from my mistake and take pictures.

Assessment and acceptance Many people ask me how to figure out the number of calories they hoow eat to lose weight. My Fitness Pal does all that for you. After you sign up you plug in your height, weight, activity level, and some other information then My Fitness Pal will give you the number of calories you should eat a day to lose weight.

You can hour use this to sustain weight or gain weight. Once you sign up play around with it for a few minutes and start getting familiar with the functions. This online tool was a complete game changer for me. It was the one thing that finally helped me get my portions under control. Signing up for MYP should only take about 10 minutes.

How to start and stick with an online food journal Combine your food journal and menu plan Completing a food overhaul Getting the most out of My Fitness Pal How to figure out nutritional youf using My Fitness Pal Creating sfart menu plan and becoming intentional with your food is key to your weight loss success. Take some time in the first 24hrs to write out 2 weeks worth of meals with a grocery list. Menu planning can get overwhelming so I suggest keeping it simple. Use the recipes you already know and maybe throw in a couple new ones to try.

Once you get into the habit of menu planning you can journeu in more new recipes. Creating a menu plan might some time on your first day.

5 Tips To Start Your Weight Loss

5 things you can do in the next 24 hours to start your weight loss journey. 5 things you can do in the next 24 hours to start your weight loss journey. Organize. How to Start the First 30 Days of Your Weight-Loss Journey. we offer three simple tweaks you can make for the next 30 days to help you start your weight-loss journey. 5-Step Plan to Start Your Weight-Loss Journey. PREV: which touched on the emotional side of getting your mind in the right place to start your journey.

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